Are you Reseller or Distributor VoIP Minutes?

Libérate!!!... Sell VoIP untethered with your own company Internet Telephony.

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Why Work VoIP?

The VoIP market is growing rapidly and is becoming a mainstream technology that is here to stay. Considerable cost savings and advanced settings that offers both residential and business users are the main market drivers.

With the increase in the number of VoIP users, becoming a reseller of VoIP means entering a market ready for rapid expansion and potentially earn a good living.

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and it is exactly what you do ...

Because being Reseller, Distributor or Reseller VoIP goes beyond. It is to give the opportunity to continue to grow economically, expandirte entrepreneurially and something very important: Occupationally become independent.

So is, Distributor VoIP can achieve full employment and financial freedom if you decide to climb the next step ... which? The Escalon become a WHOLESALE or VoIP.

Working as VoIP Reseller or Distributor Minutes automatically make you a reseller!
Being Provider VoIP lets you create your own Internet Telephony Company!

TR3S Reasons to become independent

  • You can start your own business without large investments and RESTRICTIONS.

Being VoIP Provider VoIP allows you to offer more services to your existing customers and earn more money. Your business is a turnkey solution that includes an intuitive user tool, account management, Rates, services, technical support and other elements that you need to become a successful entrepreneur VoIP.

  • You can set your own rates to sell services VOIP.

Total freedom to choose carriers that want to guarantee the best rates on the market VoIP. Because VoIP wholesale prices are extremely low, You can generate a huge benefit to your clients for their marketing to retail prices. So you can decide how much profit you make, since you are free to set your preferred rates for VoIP services. Prodrás develop a pricing strategy, that suit the needs of business and market, and attract more customers, creating several prices, plans and promotional rates.

  • You can manage your business without or PROGRAMMING CODES.

When creating your telephone company, get own server configured VoipSwitch easy to use platform for managing retail and wholesale accounts. You can control absolutely everything, using the account, active calls, rates, Providers, your distributors, and more from any Internet-connected device.

As a global provider of VoIP Minutes

voip resellers

Creating and developing your own business Internet Telecommunications (Voz IP) minutes while you sell your own rates for customers to call fixed and / or mobile phones anywhere in the world with VoIP!

Because being a VoIP provider ...

You can sell WHOLESALE minutes for IP telephony because operas call your own business.

However, have other aspects associated with greater facilities for your clients, Business, businesses or homes as they are Wholesale Traffic, Retail, Calling Cards, Callshop, Resellers and more; you are 100% independent to start your own business with Servervoip VoipSwitch.

Your Company VoIP Telephony is designed for you to manage, you monitor their efforts and uncomplicated tools or expertise.


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A VoIP Minutes Wholesale Markets ...

wholesale termination a-z


Partner with companies worldwide and operators offering VoIP Routes offers countless fares AZ Termination Wholesale VoIP quality. You can constantly monitor your traffic to ensure that their customers get the quality of the call to all destinations. Wholesale plans are designed to meet the needs of large retailers and consumers of VoIP wholesale service.


Independence Provider VoIP also allows you to sell retail VoIP Termination, offering high voice quality and competitive rates. You can provide direct and regular routes CLI, each with different levels of quality and rates of destinations to customers AZ, cabins, booths, homes, etc.

retail voip termination

Business voip


VoIP creates routes with all communication functions for large companies that make calls to landlines and cell phones from his country and the world. Create SIP trunks with reliable and cost-effective voice and data over a single network so robust communications solutions company more productive and easier to handle.

Possibilities to create your own VoIP Business are endless ...

With your own business VoIP expands your service to any destination, in any country.

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Start your own company sells telecommunications and IP telephony or Voice over Internet customers, homes, companies or businesses not only in your area.

  • Your Own Private Label:

    With this system, If you are a distributor or reseller, you will not be working for another company magnify, but to position your own brand name!

  • Tools "All in One":

    All modules for traffic, Rates, calls, distribuidores o resellers, customers and suppliers to control and touch from anywhere!

  • Without large investments:

    With a small investment you can put your phone business up from the comfort of your home and start earning more money.

  • Unlimited VoIP traffic:

    Total freedom to choose carriers that want to create your own VoIP rates and profits for customers and suppliers in the market.

  • Higher % Earnings:

    Create your own rates and manage your own earnings! No longer just a control panel, but a complete VoIP Management Software.

  • Own VoIP server:

    You have a Windows Server 2008 in Spanish with VoipSwitch platform for managing all services in your IP telephony company.

  • customers, Carriers, Resellers:

    Generates customers, suppliers or resellers for your VoIP minutes and provides all users Company for making calls or distribute your minutes.

  • More Competitive Rates:

    As a wholesale supplier can afford to create your own prices and sell at the best price for your customers.

  • Wholesale / Wholesale Supplier:

    Aimed at VoIP service providers and retail customers, which they require high quality fabrics at affordable prices VoIP AZ.

You Reseller or Distributor VoIP Minutes?

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This is the opportunity to be your own boss ...

Develop a Business + Being profitable Global provider Minutes, achieve your financial independence and have your own resellers or distributors of VoIP Minutes

In only 24 hours can become a VoIP Telephony @ Empresari. Why?…

As reseller or distributor Minutes already have an established customer base and will be much easier to expand your IP Voice Service.

INDEPENDIZARTE, It allows you to create your own rates and manage your own earnings! No longer just a control panel, You have a complete VoIP Management Software.

No More Portals, Now you can manage your Platform VoipSwitch

  • Remote Desktop

    User access and password

  • Software VoIPSwitch

    Management platform for IP telephony

  • Variety of Servers

    Extensive service and VoIP traffic

  • Control Rates and Minutes

    Define costs and consumption contralateral

  • Customer Portfolio

    Set different types of users

  • Supplier Portfolio

    Several carriers at the same time

  • Connecting VoIP Equipment

    Set any hardware for voice ip

  • Calling Cards Service

    Distribute your own calling cards

  • Portal and VsPortal

    Panels consumer and customer history

  • Online Payments

    Make charges by OnlineShop

  • Electronic billing

    Emits the bill / invoice your services

  • Chat Service, SMS o DID

    It includes several options to your VoIP

  • Call Screening

    Contralateral incoming and outgoing calls

  • CallShop Service

    It provides minutes booths or parlors

  • Dealer Network

    Configura Resellers I, II and III with its own portal

Y, What Other Benefits As You get VoIP Provider?

voip provider

To start a business online call, You will not need to invest large amounts of money, with only a small investment and good advice, it is possible to enter this market.

A Entrepreneur-Business Success in VoIP:

  1. You identify the telephony business opportunity, while others leak.
  2. Meet people (resellers) that can help you succeed in your business.
  3. Not only it provides a telephony service ... you are joining family, s friends and business.

and above all...

Ways your Own Red de Resellers o Distribuidores anywhere in the world and so, telecommunication services your company will reach every corner.

Our Empresari @ s VoIP Service guarantee

There are several international customers using our integrated communication services to start their own company put Internet Telephony (VoIP) with good results ... With the tools "all in one" passed VoipSwitch Software Resellers or Distributors of VoIP minutes to become Empresari @ s telecommunications!

I want to be Provider VoIP Minutes, NOW >

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What is the VoIP telephony software for your company?

Software VoIPswitch instalado en Windows Server 2008, and in some servers (high-end) Windows Server 2012.

Version VoipSwitch

The VoIP Reseller Provider become World.

Voipswitch has all the tools you need for Internet phone service. You have to manage the property manager, switchboards and communication softphones. So; VoIP Switch offers the best online experience in telecommunications. It is an incredible platform.


Being Provider Minutes World is now possible with the server and most complete market platform. Totally ServerVoIP makes it possible garatizado- so what you drive without technical knowledge, allowing you to start working from the comfort of your home and make money instantly.

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In only 24 hours can become a VoIP Telephony @ Empresari
As reseller or distributor minutes you have an established customer base and will be much easier to expand your IP Voice Service


RESELLER VoIP, Look at the potential you have to be VoIP Provider ...

voip server request

Internet telephony ip

A VoIP Reseller working with a single supplier of Minutes
A VoIP Providers Businessman works with multiple IP

and it is precisely what you do with VOIP SERVER ...

For your users, Save money on monthly phone form when calling landlines and cell phones to and from anywhere in the world is an absolute priority.

And if there EMPPRESAS that offer lower costs for ell @ s to communicate with family, friends or business reason absolutely PAY FINE FOR SERVICE!!!

and How You Can Help them?...

With your own server VOIP you have a rainbow of possibilities to solve the needs of your customers. Practically, VoIP Provider raisins being the portfolio Minutes Distributors worldwide; giving you the ability to have a wide network of carriers for one or more targets.

So can:

  • Create your own rates,
  • Design your own plans,
  • Minute distribute your own booths or parlors,
  • Sell ​​your own calling cards (calling card),
  • Manage your own earnings!

Because not only you have a control panel for VoIP Reseller, You have a complete IP Telephony Management Software (Voip).

"We provide the best VoIP servers VoipSwitch for IP telephony company since 2008 in every corner of the world"

Your Own Internet Telephony Company with VoipSwitch


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You just need to take action and EMPRENDER!

Server VoIP It includes VIDEOS TUTORIALES FULL HD Online on the management of the platform that they will make you an Expert -


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How much money you can make with VoIP?

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