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To start their own business VoIP Internet Telephony.

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VoIP Telephony software ready

Several people around the world create their own Internet phone company with VoipSwitch by the ease and security that. No matter if you do not know code or programming, It will become an expert in handling SoftSwitch.

Just enter your administrator VSM to run your business from the comfort of your home.

Your Business available to the world

Provide telecommunication services in all countries, as well as having his minutes voip distributors in every corner of the world. With its Server VoipSwitch no borders.

"I started my own company VoIP telephony hand service provider for calls to mobile phones and landlines."

- Carlos Londoño, President, Londonred Solutions
Server Voip

All in a full SoftSwitch

All tools business IP telephony are in a single software voip. We provide everything you need for your customers, suppliers and distributors (resellers).

Commercialize countless VoIP services with their own company name (Telephone operator) an Internet. It operates under a domain, voip server and VoipSwitch platform for VoIP phone company.

Be independent and create your telephone company, we help.

"We provide the best Servers with VoipSwitch PBX for Enterprise IP Telephony since 2008 in all corners of the world"

Discover How Your SoftSwitch helps you create your company in minutes ... No code or technical

The SoftSwitch It is ideal for Management, Control and Management of their Company of Internet telephony.

software voip

El Softswitch (Voipswitch) VoIP Platform is the all-in-one that includes Windows Server for Internet Telephony;
Voip Traffic and ready to be global provider of Minutes

These services makes your company VoIP Your business partner:

Servidor Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

physical dedicated server located in the US or Europe DataCenter installed Windows Web Server 2008.

The server is designed to enhance telephone services based storage, functionality and development.


Plataforma VoIPSwitch Software PBX

VoipSwitch complete platform to manage calls, customers, providers, dealers, rates and services of your VoIP company.

It includes the PBX module to develop services with VoIP PBX.

With SoftSwitch Create your VoIP Company and Decide how much you earn

With this turnkey system has full control of its SoftSwitch platform, to start operating in the field of telecommunications business name or brand and earn money;
So it becomes an entrepreneur and global provider of VoIP minutes!



Act fast and get these awesome BONUSES (For its Brand)

Bonus #1 - Backup Service

We have automatic backup of your database VoIP. Information support each 24 hours. You can set the time and backup parameters VoipSwitch platform.

Bonus #2 - VIP Membership Videos

VIP membership you receive your HD video tutorials on the absolute management platform. Access by user name and password. You can see them again and again to become expert VoIP.

Bonus #3 - Technical support

technical and personalized assistance on the management or configuration of software tools VoipSwitch. Support is what makes Skype, TeamViewer email.

365 Full-day Unconditional Guarantee

Our offer is second to none but we want to support the income from your server. We offer 1 year warranty. If during this time of use; You have a technical problem with the platform,
with pleasure again installed on your server at no additional cost!


With its Server VoIP SoftSwitch You Earn

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