Software All-In-One to create your company Telefonica (VoIP)

Windows Server with VoipSwitch for your Business Telecommunications

servervoip telephone

VoIP telephone solution for your business telephony with VoipSwitch Software without codes or expertise

fade-leftfade-rightAt your disposal Variety SERVERS Multiple voice channels

El ServerVoIP AMD Athlon™ Dual 2.3 with VoipSwitch

This server serves to 50 Voice channels

servervoip phone software
server 100 channels

AMD Athlon Quad 2.3

Softswitch 100 Voice channels

200 servervoip channels

AMD Athlon Quad 2.3

Softswitch 200 Voice channels

servervoip 300 channels

AMD Opteron Octo 2.4

Softswitch 300 Voice channels

500 calls servervoip

AMD Opteron Octo 2.4

Softswitch 500 Voice channels

1000 calls servervoip

Intel Xeon® E5520 – 8 cores

Softswitch 1000 Voice channels

What is the Server VoIP Switch?

  • Property Manager

    Dispose of VoIPSwitch Manager (VSM), VoIPBox y VoIP Tunnel for you to check the correct operation of its platform calls.

  • Management modules

    Destinados a Distribuidores o Resellers, Customers and Suppliers for control and touch from anywhere in the world to project their services.

  • Control Panels

    Suitable for managing your server by Web (VSC), monitoring of customer calls and multi-generation VoIP services.

  • Softphones for Communication

    Included in VoipSwitch customers to make calls to landlines and mobiles from Pc2Phone o Vippie their friends s, family and contacts.

What generates its Business VoIP?

  • Coverage and Market Expansion

    It has the facility deposit in new market niches around the world to offer their voice IP communication services.

  • Customers and Suppliers Unlimited

    It may have a user base loyal to their services and a portfolio of suppliers working at his provision.

  • Mass distribution VoIP

    Through its red de Distribuidores o Resellers it will be possible to reach all markets providing minutes for VoIP calls.

  • Economic income

    I win a lot of money the sale and distribution of minutes to its customers and resellers; also for all the services you offer VoIP communication.

Discover software used by large telephone companies to sell home phones minute, fixed and cellular or mobile in the world using INTERNET

  • Windows Server

    Windows Web Server 2008 with operating system in their own language.

  • Softswitch VoIPSwitch

    VoIP platform key-in-hand to manage IP telephony.

  • PBX module

    Management and marketing services Call Center.

  • Clientes Wholesale-Retail

    Both business and individuals for selling VoIP minutes.

  • IP Carriers Suppliers

    Voip providers to create A-Z termination rates and retail retail.

  • Resellers VoIP

    to distributors or revenderores 3 levels for resale of minutes.

  • VoIP Portales

    History consultation on consumption, calls, balance, rates, refills, etc.

  • panel Rates

    Module to modify, create and assign your customers VoIP rates.

  • Panel Control Web

    Manage server from a site with secure connection (https).

  • IVR - Calling Cards

    VoipSwitch IP telephony calls and card access number (DID).

  • SMS, Chat, DID's

    Messages, chat and virtual numbers using VoIP telephony.

  • Gateways - Troncales

    Equipment Connection, adapters and / or trunks to operate IP networks.

  • CallShop

    Software to control charging call booths and / or locutorios.

  • Control Calls

    Monitoring window connected calls, failed and standby.

  • Online payments

    Electronic payment methods to set in softswitch.

  • Billing

    Issuing invoices and billing for customers and suppliers.

VoipSwitch platform, all-in-one to create your company VoIP phone

Without being Technician, Knowing specialist or Codes

VoipSwitch is very easy and intuitive, it fits your needs and is handled without complex terms.

Manage your VoIP Company

From anywhere and anytime; from your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.


Monitor your calls Platform

And you know who is connected and / or disconnected from your VoIP service.

Sell ​​VoIP Minutes and Toll Free Offer

Its customers include promotions, minute plans and other offers VoIP services to potentiate.

Secure Your Network Client, Suppliers and Distributors

Commercial strategies to expand its business internationally in the VoIP telephony service.

Generate income

Daily, weekly and / or monthly causing their customers to call at all times.


servervoip telephone platform

The VoipSwitch platform It lets you create 3 Resellers or Distributors levels of minutes so you can expand your business in any country in the world, with the best profits and its own sales panel.

Your Server is your telephone company and work with VoIP Voipswitch it allows you to:

  • Offering its customers free calls between them and bill them in real time.
  • Use several SUPPLIERS (routes) of VoIP minutes while.
  • Having distributors / RESELLERS: reseller III, reseller II y reseller I.

MODULES Voipswitch software to sell MINUTES Customer, VoIP providers and Distributors

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Resellers (VSR system)

It lets you create 3 Resellers levels / DEALERS, using a secure connection (https).

Is a Reseller account allowing you to create level accounts 2 (Reseller II); with its own brand (página web) and their own rates.

It's like PRESIDENT of the company and is responsible for the zone managers (reseller II).

Is a Reseller account that lets you create accounts nivel1 (salesman); with its own brand (página web) and their own rates.

It's like a GERENTE ZONAL which he is responsible sellers (reseller I).

Is a account Seller which lets you create accounts for end customers, locutorios, companies with their own brand (página web) and their own rates.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Portal (VoIP Clients)

Your customers can check the balance, refills made, dialed numbers, change password and check your call details (CDR).

The Portal allows:

  • Choose one of 4 Color designs available blue, silver, gray y orange.
  • Edit the portal Choose with VoipSwitch information your company.
  • Choose the language between Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguese.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: VsPortal (Version

It is a module to check the balance, refills made, dialed numbers, change Password, obtain call detail (CDR) and more options for customers in Macromedia Flash.

Your customers can choose from Spanish, English or Arabic.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Panel de Control Web (VSC)

It allows manage the server from a página web, using a secure connection (https).

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: VoIPSwitch Manager (VSM

For manage the server. Here you can:

Create customers, resellers, providers, work in the dial plan, develop and automate invoice sending, review call history, Statistics, payments, change passwords, check your income, Repair Database, etc.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Panel Supplier (VoIP)

It is used on clients You do not have an online charging system which it helps to know the amount of minutes used; generally it is used in suppliers who use equipos fifth.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: VoIP Tunnel

voip tunner servervoip

Necessary for the operation of Pc2phone y Vippie in the platform version VoipSwitch

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: CallShop

Software pricing for VoipSwitch platform is provided to customers who do not have systems to monitor calls.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: VoIPBox (IVR, Calling Cards)

It Enables IP telephony service VoipSwitch customers anywhere in the world, who must make a accession number (DID).

If this number is the same country from which you are dialing the customer, a local call will cost, to try this service mark the 0012532421076.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Online Shop

online shop servervoip

It is a system online payment It works with various payment processors. It allows payments with credit cards, Paypal or other forms of electronic transactions.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Callback

It is a method to make international calls at low cost, VSPortal your customer enters the brand and from there to the number where you want receiving a call and destination number.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Codecs

codecs servervoip

The server works with VoipSwitch SIP and H323 also supports: G729, G711, G723, GSM.

fade-leftfade-rightVoipSwitch module: Pc2Phone y Vippie (Softphones)

fade-leftfade-rightAll softphone using G723 codec, GSM and G711

Including a PC2Phone model and Vippie you choose, It is set up and ready to work with your server only and should customers only enter login and password. For additional models $25 c/u.

This is what makes your telephone company its Business VoIP:

Servidor Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

physical dedicated server located in the US or Europe DataCenter installed Windows Web Server 2008.

The server is designed to enhance telephone services based storage, functionality and development.


Plataforma VoIPSwitch Software PBX

Full VoipSwitch platform to manage calls, customers, providers, dealers, rates and services of your VoIP company.

It includes module to develop services PBX telephone exchange with VoIP.


Telephone guarantee servervoip


Act fast and get these awesome BONUSES (For its Brand)

Bonus #1 - Backup Service

We have automatic backup of your database VoIP. Information support each 24 hours. You can set the time and backup parameters VoipSwitch platform.

Bonus #2 - VIP Membership Videos

Receive VIP membership HD video tutorials on the absolute management platform. Login with username and password. You can see them again and again to become expert VoIP.

Bonus #3 - Technical support

technical and personalized assistance on the management or configuration of software tools VoipSwitch. Support is what makes Skype, Teamviewer or email.

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